Monday, September 28, 2015

bug birthday.

we had a pretty great time celebrating jack turning 1 and micah turning 3... with bugs and lots of family...
(p.s. i know the decorations are all for me. and i'm okay with that.)

happy, happy birthday boy

matching outfits. and expressions. baby models or not that excited about photos? the world may never 

photos of their year.

cake pop party favors (with thank you notes attached that have spiders made from micah's thumbprints... so our family can steal his identity, obviously.)

so. many. cake. pops.

ants everywhere. not shown: the millions of ant trails on the walls all over our house!

spider webs on the windows (and the bushes out front). 
plus my dad being my dad.

the food... ants on a log, of course.

bug poop on leaves. because matt and i were throwing a party.
not shown: micah's favorite things snack mix (goldfish, ABC pretzels, raisins, and m&m's. his heaven in a bowl)... and wayyyy too much pizza from our favorite pizza place!

cakes and cupcakes.

smash cake, on his birthday plate that i made!

micah's cake, also on his birthday plate (not that you can see it...)

decorative leaves and real bugs that matt found in mason jars. plus a photo bomb by a pop.

bug books.

paper lanterns became spiders and bees.

banner and letters with bugs.
and balloons in green, light green, brown, and black.
you've never seen a brown balloon? neither have most stores or internets.
luckily, amazon.

bug scavenger hunt with the prize of a magnifying glass.

just love.

he almost caught on fire. i have it on video.
most important piece of the moment: i didn't have a heart attack! i was calm!

the cake.

that crawling boy loves his cousins!

the smash cake...

there it is.

real life.

the closest thing to a good pic. and neither kid is quite with it.

so anyway... for the one person who looks at this (thanks, future-steph-in-one-year), enjoy!


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog for some time and I love it! Even more so now cuz I have a baby and my husband is also completing his residency so it's nice to find someone that can relate :)

    1. That's so great! Hope you're surviving residency okay... Especially with a little one at home! :)

  2. This is actually really funny and unexpected but I was talking to my husband and I think our husbands know each other! They apparently went to med school together. His names Usama Khalid. It's a small world! :)


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