Thursday, April 16, 2015

april showers. of pee.

well, matt's on awful rotations for the month.
meaning i've been on survival mode at home.
and oh, we started potty training.

things that have happened?
-lots of micah nudity.
-accidentally got talked into micah getting FOUR jelly beans every time he pees.
-he pees one little squirt, then wants jelly beans.
-poop gets five jelly beans. he's a weirdly good negotiator for a two year old. i'm not sure how this arrangement was created.
-same idea, with the squirt, then demands five jelly beans.
-he's peed on... floor, approximately 128395795 pairs of pants, our new carpet in the basement, the deck, and lots of aerial sprays.
-lots of talking a lot about wee-wees. and where they should point. and the importance of squeezing legs together.
-subconsciously holding pee so that diapers after nap weigh about 700 pounds.
-hypothetical discussions about what would happen if he didn't squeeze his wee-wee down. everything that would get shot with pee. it seemed to bring him a little too much joy to think about.
-constant phrases: "in a diaper? or pull ups? or underwear? can pee in diaper. okay to pee in pull up. not okay to pee on the floor."
-talks about how characters from cars where underwear.
-i bought little boy underwear. cars themed. spoiler alert: doesn't stop pee accidents.

remind me to have jack potty train himself.

unrelated: here's easter!
we had a great time--great easter event at church, incredible service at church, and then went to my brother-in-law's house for easter dinner.

in somewhat unrelated news, here's an update on where the kids are at...
jack: sitting up, on his own for a short time. rolling over. never stops bouncing. happiest baby i've ever known! finally catching on to the sleep thing. loves solid food (he's done sweet potatoes, cereal, green beans, and banana so far and loves them all!)

micah: says, "that's ridiculous! that's boring!" loves to pretend play with emotions, saying animals are happy or sad and fixing it. obsessed with the movie cars. loves puzzles. loves putting cars down the ramp. makes up songs. makes up dance moves. kicks and throws everything that looks remotely like a ball.

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