Sunday, August 17, 2014

finally. decorated a room.

two months from right now, i'll either be four days overdue (thus a literal terror to all around me), or something will have happened: hopefully, prayerfully, we'll have a brand new healthy little boy added to our family!

so, a lot of prep. august is my "actually-finish-both-boy-rooms-so-I-don't-lose-it-completely" month. (in case you were wondering, september is my "stop-denying-labor-is-coming-and-start-kegeling-all-day-every-day month). one room is finally finished. only took me since the end of may...

open closet... mostly so i don't have to think about him smashing his fingers!

 reading nook
 yes, that's a CRACKER BARREL rocking chair. 
it even has the stamp on it to prove it. 
possibly the best garage sale find anyone has ever found?!

oh, and a naked fireman running around, holding his diaper that should be on him. all in a day's work.

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