Sunday, July 20, 2014


we're at a funny stage in life...
and I feel like I'll regret not documenting the crazy things Micah says and does. Feel free to skip this post if you don't care. just for my memory!

So here are a few...

Matt put shelves up in Micah's room, so every time Micah sees them, he says, "books! Shelves! Daddy did it... Thank you Daddy," like 10 times a day.

Whenever Micah wants more of something, he'll say, " A more." And hold up one finger intensely.

He's obsessed with David from David goes to school (by David Shannon), so sometimes he'll just randomly laugh to himself and say,"David!"

One book has a skunk, so he wants to read it constantly and says, "kunk, PU, stinky! Sour cheese!" (He says the same thing for a poopy diaper and feet)

He kisses every boo boo he sees. He thinks a mole on my arm is a boo boo. It gets a lot of kisses.

Whenever we're in public, he'll say, "People! Hi people!!"

He loves to spin in circles and say, "Circles! Dizzy!"

When being chased or chasing, he says, "Come back here!"

When we're not home, he'll say, "Back home now. Bailey!"

Oh, and speaking of Bailey... Bailey is his best friend. He'll drop food on the ground and say, "Surprise, Bailey!" Or try to ride her and say, "Ride Bailey. tail waggin!" 

He always needs to be clean--hands, floor, everything. No crumbs on the couch, no wood chips on the stairs at the playscape.

His love of the alphabet has no boundaries--he reads EVERYTHING. license plates, wrappers, stickers, books, shirts... and is constantly naming colors, shapes, and animals/animal sounds, and the names of all the people he knows.

He has crazy separation anxiety and does terribly with babysitters or at the nursery at church. Yikes.

He kisses baby and talks about babies, but the most common phrase is, "baby crying." How does he already know?!

He will imitate everything we say and do. I told him to be careful not to get his fingers in the door when shutting it, so now he pretends to do it every time and says, "Fingers!"... I told him not to eat play dough, so he says, "Play play dough now. Eat it! Pretend eat it! Nummy!"

Life is an adventure right now! Done with the obnoxious post :)

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