Friday, January 11, 2013

i love my job.

so, i hate being away from micah... but i sure do love my job.
some days, or most days, i wish i was just two people.
instead, i'm just multiple personalities: teacher by day, mom by night and weekend.
here are some things from that the teacher side of me.

teaching half past and how to number a clock with pull and peel licorice.
(the kids get to bite the licorice to make the different length arms of the clock, too!)

teaching magnetic force with magnets, paperclips, and letting students choose items to discover what breaks the magnetic force.

a few other things i forgot to take pictures of...
-melted snowman writings: created pictures of melted snowmen and wrote how we thought our snowman melted.
-letters to our favorite famous character (after reading the jolly postman) and practice addressing envelopes

first grade is the best.

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