Sunday, March 11, 2012

goals for the week.

new recipes.
that's the name of my game this week.

here's what i'm making (hopefully, depending on how busy life actually gets...)
lasagna roll ups.
but, i'm planning to make meat sauce, spinach, and mozzarella (minus ricotta, we're not fans).

key west grilled chicken. 
skewered style.
this one looks crazzzzy good. can't wait. might even try with shrimp?

asian drumsticks.
except not drumsticks... probably pork? or chicken breast? not sure yet.
also... a downfall of this one: i forgot to buy ginger. so i'd have to stop at the store. we'll see if it happens or not.

oh, and already today i made two new recipes!
check it out...
monkey bread muffins.
exactly the same as monkey bread, just in muffin tins--portion control (or that's the goal... for me, i just ate more muffins...)

buffalo wing crock pot chicken.
i generally hate crock pot recipes.
i know, i'm crazy.
but they are never actual "all day" cooking things--you have to stir or break things apart half way through... and i'm gone for 11 hours every day. not conducive to my life.

but, it's sunday. so i can handle it today.
very simple recipe, from here.
but good!

happy week to all.

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