Sunday, September 18, 2011

long time, no post.

well. it's been a while since i've been on here.  why, you ask? what have you been doing?

grad school. 
youth group. 
connecting with taylor friends in ann arbor. 
the oc (yep, we got obsessed with it again. who says you have to be in high school to love high school drama?!).

but the best thing we've been doing? dating and fighting.

here's the dating:

and here's the fighting:
 the official mac and cheese battle: which is better... spirals or character shapes?!

 let the great debate begin!
in the end... they both won and neither won. they both won because they both were delicious (i liked the consistency of mine better, but matt liked the consistency of his better... and as for taste, they were shockingly similar?!)... but then they both lost because we ended with stomachaches from eating a whole box each. eh, well. live and learn.

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